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Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire

How many Duncans does it take to build a castle?

"One of Aberdeenshire's finest, Drum Castle was bequeathed to the National Trust for Scotland in 1975, by Henry Irvine, 24th Laird of Drum. That's a whole lotta Lairds." Mike looks back at the long and proud history of one of Aberdeenshire's finest castles.

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Collieston, Aberdeenshire

Crooked Mary – Part Two

"The previous evening, the lugger Crooked Mary had landed her cargo of contraband. Now, under cover of darkness, the fisherwomen of Collieston put their creels to good use and began the trek to Ward, laden with gin." Part Two - the sequel: the villagers of Collieston attempt to spirit away their booty.

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Thomas Buttersworth, "A Royal Navy brig chasing and engaging a well-armed pirate lugger"

Crooked Mary – Part One

"The year is 1798. The date, December the eighteenth. The notorious lugger Crooked Mary is sighted in the afternoon, and the message quickly carried from door to door. A run will take place after dark. All other activity stops. The run is the ultimate priority." Part One - a story of smugglers off Scotland's north-eastern coast.

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Wick town centre

The Mirage of the North

"Wick is like a mirage, when you've been driving up the A9 for ever and ever. Just as you think maybe you'll reach the end of the world and drop off the edge before you see civilisation again, the road straightens, and falls away slightly in front of you. And in the distance you see roofs and spires and towers floating on clouds." Mike visits the Far North of the Scottish mainland to see the amazing floating town of Wick.

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A silent spring

"It's been an eerie week out in the countryside. The weather clamped down over the weekend and the first signs of Spring were quickly covered with a blanket of icy wet snow, chilled hard by a biting wind straight from Siberia..." Liz Butterfield describes the eerieness of a country in the grips of foot-and-mouth disease.

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