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Subscribe to British Expat Forum Premium Membership!

Subscribe to British Expat Forum Premium Membership!

Thanks for your interest in our Premium Membership. Signing up for Premium Membership will give you access to all our Premium forums—the worldwide ones plus all the country-specific ones.

What are the Recommended Suppliers forums for?

Many of our readers have said that they would find it useful to have information, from people whom they feel they can trust to give reliable advice and recommendations, about companies, tradespeople and professionals who provide goods and services which they’re looking for. The Recommended Suppliers forums offer just that.

What goods and services are covered?

For Malta, you’ll find a current list of the goods and services covered here: Recommended supplier categories Don’t worry if a category you’re interested in isn’t there yet – as a subscriber you’ll be able to request any other categories you might be interested in.

Who provides the recommendations?

Anyone who’s a paid-up Premium Member can post recommendations (which may include links). Many of them have lived on Malta or Gozo for some years and know several reputable suppliers of goods and services.

So why not simply let people give recommendations on the public forums?

Experience shows that if we let all and sundry give recommendations, we’d rapidly be swamped with people signing up to recommend their own business, either with a blatant advert or by posing as a ‘satisfied customer’ to post a fake testimonial.

We don’t want to permit that for three reasons. First, it clutters the forum with spam. Second, allowing this kind of free advert denies us the advertising revenue we depend on to keep the forum running; if businesses can score a free ad, then they’re not going to pay for one. Third, we’re sure you’ll agree that this kind of recommendation is worthless—self-praise is no praise!

What about the Premium Marketplaces?

Premium Membership also gives you access to the Premium Marketplaces. These are private forums for you to buy, sell, exchange, and post small ads which are viewable only by other Premium Members. There is no charge for posting your small ads on there. You could use these forums for accommodation wanted, bits and pieces for sale, or pretty much anything. But you’ll only be advertising to other Premium Members and not to the general public. If you want to advertise to the general public, you’ll still need to buy an advert in the adverts section.

And the Premium Lounges?

Yes, you get access to those too—they’re places where Premium Members can swap contact details or talk about anything they like out of view of the general non-subscribing public.

Are there any other benefits to becoming a Premium Member?

Premium Membership also gives you access to the following facilities:

  • Private messaging (PM) service: You can use this to communicate one-to-one in private to other Premium Members
  • Signature: You’re entitled to include a short message at the bottom of all of your posts, including a link to your own website if you wish
  • Avatar: You can upload or link to an avatar (an image you’d like to use to personalise your profile and your posts on the forum)

How much does it cost?

We ask you to pay an annual subscription fee of a minimum of £25.

When do I get access to the forums?

As soon as we receive your payment, we’ll alter your permissions so that you’re able to read and post to the forums, in the same way as the public forums. It may take a few hours (we have to sleep sometimes!) but should certainly be within 24 hours. And if it’s any slower than that, we’ll give you two days’ credit for every day we’re late.

IMPORTANT! If you’re not already a forum member, please register now for a free account (otherwise you won’t have a membership for us to upgrade to Premium!).

Please also make sure you let us know your username—otherwise it will slow down the whole process of granting you permission to view the Premium forums.

How do I pay?

You can pay by UK bank transfer or by PayPal.

Bank transfer

If you have a UK bank account you can pay by bank transfer to British Expat’s account:

Account name: British Expat Ltd
Bank: Clydesdale Bank plc
Account number: 90144583
Sort code: 82-63-07
Reference: BE Premium plus your forum username

If you’re paying by bank transfer, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
. Thanks!


Just enter your username and then click on the button below. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a PayPal account—they also accept payment by major credit and debit cards.

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