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Advice on renting from Sept/Oct 2009

Advice on renting from Sept/Oct 2009

Postby taylormade » Wed 2 Jul 2008 08:20 GMT


Porto area - looking to rent[/b]

We currently live in Crete but are looking to rent in Portugal with a view to moving there.

This forum is similar to a forum in Crete so I hope that someone can help to give advice.

We are initially looking in the area of Porto, somewhere near to rivers but not too far inland.

A second choice is the area north of the Algarve with reasonable travelling distance to Lisbon or Faro (for the airport) of 1 - 1.5 hours by car. Or good access to train stations.

We are not looking for a holiday villa or apartment but a private house with, if possible some grounds and an idea on costs. Minimum 2 bedrooms.

Many thanks.

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Postby Dave » Wed 2 Jul 2008 12:35 GMT

This is close to being a "Property wanted" advert, but I'm letting it go on the assumption that you're asking for general advice rather than specific offers. General questions about accommodation are welcome, but adverts have to be paid for.

Replies with general advice will be welcome - specific offers of accommodation will be deleted.

Thanks. :)
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Renting & setting up a business

Postby taylormade » Thu 11 Sep 2008 14:07 GMT

Hi Dave

Being new to the forum I'm not sure how it works - and certainly it is different to that of Crete. It is not as frequently used - Crete's forum is very busy just about all of the time.

Things have changed and we are now looking to come over to Portugal next April/May, camping over the summer months whilst trying to establish ourselves with something there - a house, business or whatever.

In Crete there are newspapers but written in Greek and only the Athens news in English. Is there a similar sort of newspaper we could buy in Portugal?

We are looking at possibly setting up a campsite business in Combrai surrounding areas or down in the Alentejo - is there a demand for this, what sort of license is needed, how long would it take to get a license etc.

What is the property situation there? Is it slow to sell a property or within a year or longer term? Is the property market slowing or becoming negative in the same way that it is in the UK?

Dave - are these the sorts of topics I am ok to post? My last post was indeed of a very general nature. [All fine! :D - Dave]

I have visited the Algarve where there is a newspaper written in English but I'm not sure if the whole of Portugal is covered by that newspaper.

I have also been in and through Portugal along the coastal areas and inland, but never specifically looking to live there until now.

Many thanks

Mandy T
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