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info on the different land types and how it will effect what

info on the different land types and how it will effect what

Postby omostra06 » Fri 17 Jul 2009 09:12 GMT

If you are considering purchasing a plot of land in Portugal for any reason - to build your dream home, to extend your garden, a place to located log cabins, somewhere to park your motor home or caravan or just somewhere to enjoy the peace and tranquillity the country offers - make sure you know the exact land classification you are buying before you part with any money.

There are five different types of land classifications in Portugal - Reserve, Rustic, Agro-Florestal, Urban and Commercial. The price of a plot does depend upon the classification of the land type, the size and the area in which it is located.

Every plot and parcel of land throughout the Portugal has a classification and this will be stated on the property's Cardeneta (deeds). The PDM (Plano Municipal Director), which governs this classification, is updated regularly and gives clear definitions of changes of classifications in areas.

In some cases, where the land has been in a family for generations, a Cardeneta may need up dating with the local Câmara prior to it being offered for sale.

If you are looking to purchase a plot of land on a time-restrictive visit don't be pushed into a sale until you or your lawyer have had time to double check the credentials of the plot with the Câmara.

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