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Wonderful country?

Wonderful country?

Postby Kay » Tue 20 Dec 2005 11:25 GMT

Hi Brian

You said in your "welcome" message that Mexico is a wonderful country. I've never been there but can empathise, as where I live (Thailand) is also a wonderful place. Great climate (a bit too hot occasionally but we manage), very cheap cost of living, friendly people, laid back lifestyle, and we can get just about everything we want (British-style bacon, supermarkets, great restaurants, etc.)

I'm curious, why do you consider Mexico to be a great place to live?

Kay 8)
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Postby Barquentine » Tue 2 May 2006 21:27 GMT

1. Climate. You can find pretty much any climate you want.
2. People. Friendly.
3. Food. It's great.
4. Beer. We have some of the world's best beers here.
5. Alegria. (fun of living). Someone's always having a fiesta.
6. Tony Blair. He isn't here.
7. Health service - better than the UK.
8. House prices - reasonable.
9. Low violence, not like in the UK.

I've been living in Monterrey for 10 years, it is a dynamic city, very up-to-date, many of the major rock bands play here, plenty to do, plenty of places to visit. This city is much bigger than most in the US (over 4 million) and offers everything a major world-class city should offer.
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Postby adam777 » Sun 7 May 2006 12:36 GMT

Hello Barquentine,

Nice to hear you like it in Monterrey. I have a quick question. I've been offered a job in Tampico. I've been there before (years ago mind you) and I have spent a fair bit of time in Mexico (I used to work at sea). I currently live in Antigua.

Im currently looking for a good real estate company with a decent website so I can get an idea of my housing options in Tampico but I have yet to find anything comprehensive. I dont suppose you know of any do you?


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