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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic - The Big Jump

Dominican Republic - The Big Jump

Postby dragon1503 » Sun 7 Oct 2007 14:51 GMT

There's plenty more available as & when you need/want it.

Hi Grahame,
If we were going to settle in DR it looks like the north coast is best for us somewhere between Cabarete, Sosua and Puerta Plata.
I've seen gated communities and some lovely individual properties and some beach properties. Any advice on what may be best? Im not convinced gated communities and shut off from the DR peoples is best policy.
We're not too sure what would be best long term for us. We have identified schools so that is not an issue. But housing is and as I would be away quite abit in other islands I want somewhere that is good for my family easy access to facilities, secure , etc. Althouhg I have 2 dobermanns I still want something I know my family will be happy in.
IF you can assist and tell us what areas are totally 'drop-dead' no's?
Have you heard anything good or bad of any of the schools?
Flight connections to the rest of the Caribbean? I've heard their not great.
Also read conflicting statements over vaccinations required - Hepatitus A typhoid, etc...also the Malaria threat and dengue virus...can you put me straight?
Look forward to hearing from you

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Postby DRAddict » Wed 10 Oct 2007 04:52 GMT

The Puerto Plata side of Sosua is (in my opinion) more conducive to a normal Dominican way of life (i.e. NOT so touristy &/or Ex-Pat orientated). My advice would be NOT to buy for at least 6 - 9 months, ........... rent until you get to know the land, how things are done & which area suits YOU best. You won't know that within a 6 month period. Buying property here is very easy ...... SELLING it if it turns out to be less suitable than another area, is not as easy!!

The other thing is you need to get to know who the people are whom you can trust to do business with & which ones are sharks/money grabbers.

I agree that 'Gated' communities do not allow much contact with Dominicans (other than service staff) & so full integration into the Dominican culture, getting to know the influential people that you will need to smooth your way here (& prevent you being scammed by the wrong business people), will be that much more difficult from with the confines of 'Gated' properties. Properties in Sea Horse Ranch are extremely expensive in my view, Casa Linda is not really gated (exterior walls are somewhat lower than they ought to be & security used to be quite lax). I suppose it really depends on where you have chosen for your children's education - The International School of Sosua would make Puerto Plata a little too far to travel on a daily basis & so EAST of Sosua might be more suitable. If you have chosen a Puerto Plata school, then maybe Torre Alta or opposite Coral Merienne Hotel might suit your needs.

Personally I would not chose Sosua (too expensive & too many Ex-Pats for my liking), nor would I choose Costamber. Cofresi is a pleasant area but may be on the wrong side of Puerto Plata for your needs. How many bedrooms will you want as a starter house? 3? If you can bear to rent for a six/12 month period, I'l put you in touch with a couple of the NON Ex-Pat specialising high price realtors & ask them to send you some details when you are ready.

Sorry, I can't help om details about flights to other Caribbean islands as I am not involved with this market. I will try & find out for you over the next couple of weeks. I DO know that American Airlines flies to Puerto Rico & I seem to recall hearing of a few more 'Island Hopping' airlines starting up recently.

Re vaccinations, we found Malaria tablets were a good idea for the first couple of years. They might not be needed for actual malaria as this is not prevalent in the DR BUT, they will keep other unexpected viruses at bay until your body builds up it's own antibodies. We wanted all the jabs, inoculations we could get 16 years ago (including RABIES!!) but I would put hepatitis 'B' some way ahead of hep 'A'. Why not drop an e-mail to 'The School of Tropical Medicines' in London & see what they are recommending these days?

Bringing Dobermans in will not be a problem if they have had the correct jabs etc prior to coming. I don't know what the requirements are for dogs from Spain, but I can put you in touch with a veterinarian here who handles this sort of information - Judy now runs a boarding kennels in the Sosua area!

I think that covers the answers you requested on THIS post - I'll get round to the other post within a day or two. I have my Mother, Sister & two nieces in at the moment & time on the computer is somewhat limited as they want to see a fair bit of the country I now call HOME"!

Hope this helps a bit ~ Grahame.
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