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Dominican Republic

Assistance Required

Assistance Required

Postby parryd05 » Fri 2 May 2008 09:13 GMT

Hi all,
I was wondering if someone could help.

I was married in the Dominican Republic in May 2002, at what was the LTI Sol de Plata (Sosua/Puerto Plata)

Now the Wife has run off with someone else and also both copies of the marriage certificate.

I need to get hold of another copy from the OficialĂ­a Civil for the Sosua / Puerto Plata area but due to living on the wrong side of the pond (UK) this is proving difficult.

I have e-mailed various agencies and departments both in the UK and the DR, but so far can find no addresses of where I need to write to, to obtain a copy, and can find no-one that is in a position to collect a copy for me and then mail it back to me in the UK.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Postby DRAddict » Sat 3 May 2008 05:44 GMT

Hello parryd05,
Welcome to British Ex-Pats & sorry to hear of your circumstances.

Vitually any lawyer (abagado) over here will be able to handle this for you - the ones who spring immediately to mind are Genni Mendez (doubles up as the British Consul here in Puerto Plata), Argentina Brugal, Roque Vargas or Guido Perdomo who is in Sosua.

You can ring them direct of course but if you require e-mails in first instance, try Genni at, NOTE there is an underscore ( _ ) between genni & mendez!!! (Tel. is intn code + 809 586 4244) (Tel. Intn code + 809 586 4736). If you get stuck on these come back on here & we'll try another direction.

Be aware that Monday is a 'Bank Holiday' here & no one will be in their offices - some of us might even get out to the golf course!!! ~ Grahame.
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