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Dominican Republic

Buying a bar in Sousa

Buying a bar in Sousa

Postby spoons48 » Tue 12 Jan 2010 15:09 GMT

Hi All

I am a newbie here, and the wife and I are looking at buying and running a bar / restaurant in Sousa, moving from the dreary UK

We hvae made a few enquiries, and have found a suitable starting place, but would like to ask you guys whats the real situation in DR - especially Sousa with regards to economy and if a bar / restaurant would be a good idea


Colin & Helen
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Postby DRAddict » Wed 21 Apr 2010 05:04 GMT

Sorry for the delay in the response spoons48 - I have my system set to automatic notification for new comments/posts on British Ex-Pat (or thought I had!!) & no notification has been for a few months! Sorry, I know I should have checked anyway but life has been a bit hectic here with Haiti help & loads of golfers coming in to play Playa Grande before it closes in June/July!

Personally I would NOT even consider opening (or taking over) a bar restaurant until you have lived here a while! There are too many pitfalls & hidden agendas you will not recognise until you have got to know the local laws, the culture AND the ways of doing business in a third world (read often corrupt) nation. Don't worry, there will be another 5 or 6 bars/restaurants available for sale just as soon as you feel comfortable with the local practices!!

Would you care to tell me which bar you are considering? How did you hear about it being for sale & who is the 'selling agent'? I have a few friends in Sosua (some in the catering business for a number of years) & would be more than happy to get the low down as to the REAL profitability of the business you are looking at. Oh YES, & the correct price that you should be paying for that business!

Did you visit Rocky's when you were across here? That, CJ's, Morumai & the one opposite who's name I have forgotten at the moment, are perhaps the only restaurants that have remained under the same management/ownership for more than 6 years. This may tell you something about the frequency of bars changing hands in the Sosua area!

Get back when you have the chance & maybe I can be a bit more forthcoming with advice when I know a bit more about your dreams/needs/desires!
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Postby Dave » Wed 21 Apr 2010 06:46 GMT

Grahame, unfortunately the notifications only happen when there's a new post on a topic you've already posted on or marked as one you want to watch - if someone starts a new topic, then you won't be told.

Annoying, I know - several of our moderators have asked about adding a facility to notify them of new topics, but so far we've never found one. It's a pity, because it'd be very useful.
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