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Help! We want to take our 2 dogs

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Help! We want to take our 2 dogs

Postby MrBoosh » Mon 22 May 2006 11:02 GMT

Me and my girlfriend are going to be emmigrating before the 12-12-2006 but we are struggling to get our pets sorted out.

We have a Labrador and a Lurcher, and we want them both to come with us as we see them as part of our family. Can anyone advise us of total costs involved from vets bills, tickets and quarantine, just an estimate will do.

also any pet friendly rental companies so we can find a place that will accept two fairly large dogs.

we looked into a company (Airpets) to quote for them to do all the work but they came up with £5000 which is a little out of our price range, can it be done for £1000, to £1500?

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Postby SSue » Tue 23 May 2006 10:44 GMT

Hi and welcome to BE.

I think you'll find that quote will be about right. It's not only the airfares but the whole process from door to door so to speak, with the time spent in quarantine costs included. It all mounts soon adds up, and you're needing x two.

SSue 8)
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Postby brido » Fri 26 May 2006 07:22 GMT

Were also looking to take our dog(Pug) over and the fees are probably about right.Remember theres the cost of your dogs medicals and vaccinations included.
I have a few different companies sites and Airpets is one of them.

You should ask your local vet,they will have a company they will recomend and also check the following companies:-

Im not sure if these sites will be deleted by admin,if they are drop me an email at and ill forward them to you.

If moneys an issue,Channel 4 seem to be looking for new migrants for their new series on moving down under,you could give them your details,maybe they'd help meet some of the costs.

While im on,Can anyone tell me if its better to visit your pet in Quarantine or to leave them the full 30 days.
We would like to visit,plus it gives us a chance to see Sydney!,but would this be upsetting to the pet as they would be getting used to their surroundings and we wouldnt want to cause him any more discomfort than neccesary.
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