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taking pets

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taking pets

Postby lewis » Fri 16 Feb 2007 19:10 GMT

Am thinking of taking dogs with us when we finally go, only problem is one is very nervous cross breed and other is a deranged rotty who doesn't like men because of past experiences. :? Can they stay together in quaranteen and can you request women only look after them. Also rotty is 7 now if we go in 12 month will he be ok or will trip be to hard
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Postby Kay » Fri 16 Feb 2007 22:24 GMT

This belongs on the Family/Pets board. Please spend a little time to post in the right place and save us the effort of having to shift stuff. :)
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Postby SSue » Sat 17 Feb 2007 00:38 GMT

Hi Lewis,

I wouldn't be recommending that you bring either of them. It's a big ordeal - being caged for so long- the flight, and then the weeks of quarantine. If dogs have problems already, what will they be like when you get them back?

I can't imagine that you could request only female attention either. (They may not have female crew on the flight, or at the quarantine station).

The cost of taking an animal is usually about the same as a human airfare, believe it or not, so you'd be looking at that amount doubled as well.

Your pets would probably be better off with new owners, less stress for them.

SSue 8)
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Depends where

Postby Oreo » Mon 19 Feb 2007 04:17 GMT

Depending on what airline you select and what district they are landing in and what Quarantine station you are looking at.

Its well worth you looking into using a pet export agent that can assist with the ins and outs of it all.

Most airlines cargo have male staff however handling at that stage will be when your pets are in their crates.

If you are planning on heading to Sydney, you can certainly request that your animals stay together (providing they have a good bill of health) and you can request that female staff look after them.

Check out the AQIS site for general info.

All the best

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