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cost of giving birth in BC

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cost of giving birth in BC

Postby MAL73 » Fri 17 Aug 2007 18:50 GMT

Hi All,

I got my passport back with my PR visa stamped in it today. I'm elated but I'm also 3 months pregnant and have to prepare for giving birth in Canada.
I'm really at a loss of what to expect delivery costs wise. I know I have to get private health insurance for the first 3 months but I'm assuming they won't pay out anything re the baby as it's a preexisting condition?!

Due to work commitments I would not be in Canada until January (baby due at the end of Feb) thus I would not have 3 months of residency built up prior to giving birth.Would I, as a PR, get any assistance in the cost of the delivery or would i have to foot it all myself?

Assuming I have to meet the costs myself does anybody have a rough idea of how much I should expect to pay?

Thanks for your help,

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Postby Autumn » Sat 25 Aug 2007 12:43 GMT

Hi Mal :D

I hope everything went well with the baby.
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Postby tidziwe » Wed 29 Aug 2007 16:18 GMT

I don't have exact figures anymore, but I did look into this at one point and the costs were pretty high. There is a charge for the delivery itself, and then a charge for every 24hrs that you and the baby stay in hospital after the birth. I reckoned on needing about CAD$10-15,000, and that's assuming there aren't any complications like needing a caesarian. If you know where you are moving to you can contact the hospital you will be delivering in and they will tell you the cost exactly - that's what I did. It would definitely be worth finding out for sure if your 3-month private healthcare would cover anything.
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