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Postby mattf » Sun 8 Jun 2008 16:08 GMT

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with some medical advice as in all honesty I'm at a bit of a loss of where to start.

I'm 28 and work as a skilled software engineer in the UK and am looking to more over to Vancouver to work and possibly emigrate permanently. However I suffer from a genetic medical condition called cystic fibrosis and obviously in the UK I can get check ups and medicines through the NHS. I am just wondering how this would translate if I were to move to Canada?

I was reading some of the other posts and it looks like prescription costs and drugs are generally expensive and am wondering how the medical system works over there. Would it be that the company I work for provide the health care privately and is this something that would work against me when trying to find a job or move to Canada?

Any help anyone could provide me with would be greatly appreciated :D

All the best

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