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Health and medical matters


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Postby cox799 » Tue 16 Feb 2010 17:31 GMT

Hi i have been reading for a while now, very informative :lol:

How much does health care cost, for a retired couple, if my parents were to move out to Alberta with us, i take it they would need private health cost?
Also how much does an inhaler for ashma cost, do you pay for these out of your pocket, or would it come out of your health care cost?
Basic questions i know, but need to know,,
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Postby Graeme » Wed 17 Feb 2010 00:34 GMT

Health care costs vary province to province, I don't know what Alberta charges at the moment. I think they might have to use private insurance for the first 3 months anyhow as it takes 3 months for the system to get set up. I am not sure of the residency requirements either, you might want to google the Alberta health care system and see. Asthma inhalers vary as well depending on what you want, Ventolin (trade name) costs more than generic salbutamol even though they are the same. there is usually a dispensing fee attached to this and they are bought at the local chemists (drug store). The health system does not cover the costs of drugs. A generic inhaler could be as low as $5.00 plus a dispensing fee of $7.00 for a total of $12.00 or so, Ventolin would of course be more as would any of the non beta2 agonists ie the anti-cholinergic inhalers or the inhaled corticosteroids.

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Postby Buddyboy » Fri 19 Feb 2010 01:19 GMT

From ... qs.html#h2

I just moved to Alberta from another country. How do I apply for Alberta Health Care Insurance coverage? When does my coverage start?

You cannot apply for health care insurance until you move to Alberta. If you are moving to Alberta from outside Canada, you may be eligible for coverage on the date of your arrival. To ensure this, you must register within three months of your arrival. You will be required to present a copy of your Canada entry document.

If you or your dependants hold temporary immigration documents, contact Alberta Health and Wellness at 780-427-1432 in Edmonton, or to call toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000, then 780-427-1432.

For registration details, call 780-427-1432 in Edmonton or dial toll-free in Alberta 310-0000, then 427-1432.
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