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Health and medical matters

Ontario healthcare so bad I am going back to UK

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Ontario healthcare so bad I am going back to UK

Postby Boomergirl » Tue 10 Aug 2010 19:07 GMT

Well I have been here now 10 years, built a successful company, survived the recession but I don't think I can survive the third world healthcare here any more so I am giving in, letting my employees go and moving back to the UK.

People thinking of moving here should know how bad it is and think twice, particularly if you have children.

Like many people who were here on open work permits I spent the first three years here with no health coverage at all and when I did get OHIP I was pretty disappointed at what is covered vs what it costs us but like most people I never really got sick so it didn't really matter.
IN 10 YEARS IN CANADA I HAVE TRIED AND TRIED AND NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GET A FAMILY DOCTOR. That didn't matter because I never got sick, right?
And then I really got sick ...

I got bitten by a tick in Eastern Ontario. The doctor that removed the tick from my head told me that I shouldn't worry because there is no Lyme disease in Canada and I didn't need antibiotics. I thought that was odd because every time I take my dog to the vet there are warning signs about Lyme everywhere. 10 days later when I was in the emergency room being treated for suspected meningitis someone conceded that it might be Lyme but the Ontario test which is only 50% reliable came back negative. I was grudgingly given 2 weeks antibiotics.
18 months later I am unable to work and have seen 9 equally ignorant and incompetant doctors. I have been referred to the only Lyme specialist in Ontario but he is so overwhelmed with patients he is unable to fit me in. He will take you apparently if your doctor phones in and pleads but I don't have one of those.

Anyway enough is enough of this ridiculous broken system, I am going home. I am tired of fighting a system that takes your money and simply does not care or feel any obligation to give you anything in return.
I am sure lots of people will respond to this post saying how wonderful their doctor is or how they had no problem with their health coverage and that's great, I am really happy things worked out for you but the fact is that health care in this country is a lottery and for many people it is completely abysmal and any system is only as good as its weakest link.

If healthcare is important to you I strongly recommend you don't come here unless you are guaranteed a family doctor in advance or you can afford permanent private coverage.
I knew it was bad here but I always thought it didn't matter but the fact is it does matter and the benefits of living here don't outweigh the risks.
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Postby anon7656 » Tue 10 Aug 2010 22:58 GMT

Boomergirl, that all sounds excuse, its a disgrace & unacceptable.
However while I can't stick up the the Canadian system please don't back to the UK thinking its all roses over here on the NHS.

People are left to starve & die in their puke & hallways sometimes, in NHS hospitals.
GPs in some areas are impossible to get an appointment with(we are ok I must admit in our area) and some are so pi** poor they give you antibiotics to get rid of you not caring what the problem is.

I think every health system, even the lauded French one will always have problems, none are prefect....and trust me with the savage cuts(Mr Cameron's words) coming to all the public sector it will only get worse here.

Like i said yours is a nightmare story....but I think you could say that of most countries around the world on some occasions.

Good luck on your return though.
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Postby Buddyboy » Thu 19 Aug 2010 14:51 GMT

Our health system does indeed have its issues. I think they all do whatever the country. You have hit on one of the biggest issues, that of Lyme disease. For some unknown reason the medical profession here seems to be in a state of denial about its existence, though that is slowly changing. Stories similar to your own are abundant where they simply deny that you might have Lyme's. In general, though, I wouldn't be tempted for one instant to return to the NHS. Your warning to newcomers is understandable but, in my view, simply wrong. As an older person here who has "tested" the health system many, many times, I am constantly in awe of just how good is the treatment I receive at all levels and how completely absent is any worry about cost.
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Postby Jeffnanne » Thu 26 Aug 2010 05:00 GMT

Errrr, I thought that the laws have changed in the UK.... Been away for 10 years, you may not be eligable for NHS.

We found a family doctor within 3 months, he was crap. So we left. Now we use walk ins and the hospitals, They are great! A few illnesses in and a few broken bones. No problems.
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