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Health and medical matters

controversial subject!!!

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controversial subject!!!

Postby melwaite » Sun 23 Jan 2011 13:22 GMT

Hi as i mentioned on another post my hubby has been offered a permanent job in halifax, the job comes with medical and dental, however we have a son with spina bifida. the company are aware of this and were made aware of it from the word go. they see no probs but i no that immigration has strict rules on people who could be a drain on their healthcare system. I have spoken to my sons consultant in the uk who claims he is very well at present and only takes very little medication. he feels that he would not be a drain on resources and he also attends mainstream primary school with no mental impairments. has anyone successfully got through a situation like this? our plan is to go temporariliy on my hubbys work permit to see if we can handle my sons healthcare and on the work permit form it asks will you or anyone require any services other than meds during your stay, my son will not require anything else so should i just tick no and say nothing or tick no and attach an additional sheet explaining his condition and how he won't need anything else. the consultant has also said he will write a very nice report to facilitate our move. any thoughts appreciated.
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Postby Graeme » Sun 23 Jan 2011 18:36 GMT

You should read the decision in the Hilewitz v Canada (MInister of Citizenship and Immigration) case, the link is here:
Basically the government said 'no' to the intellectually disabled child, but on appeal the case was overturned as the parents were able to show that the officers hadn't taken into consideration the individual circumstances of the case and had used a 'cookie cutter' approach to the case. As such they are now required to look at these sorts of medical issue things much more closely.
If I was you I'd get letters from your specialist, therapists (OT and PT) and GP and (providing they say the kid won't cost the government any outrageous expenses) send them in with the application form. Add in a covering letter from yourself explaining his needs, his potential future needs and how you and the family will deal with them. If necessary get a lawyer or legal eagle to write this for you.
Hope that helps.
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