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please help! employers health insurance

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please help! employers health insurance

Postby melwaite » Wed 26 Jan 2011 20:32 GMT

Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the insurance offered by my husbands new employer in halifax will cover the children as well as him? We are from northern ireland and he is heading out to halifax to start work next week. we hope to follow him within the next year however i am really worrying about the insurance. My son has spina bifida and i spoke to a clinic in halifax who told me if my husband has insurance through his job then visits to the clinic will be covered, but i would just like to hear from some people who are living there as expats. We are aware of the problems with disabled people emigrating to canada and therefore we will be going on my husbands work permit to see if we like it out there and to see if we can manage my sons health care needs which are not really a lot just medication and check ups. if we can manage everything and like it then we will begin a no doubt long process to prove he won't be a drain on the health service. my main concern right now is if the insurance provided by my husbands employer will cover his dependants and my sons pre-existing conditions. any help would be appreciated.
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Postby Buddyboy » Thu 27 Jan 2011 14:58 GMT

melwaite: Of course, the safest answer is for you to check with your employer. Having said that, I have never heard of an employment health insurance which does not cover dependents. It's a quirk of our system here that if you have regular employment you almost certainly get health coverage with the job, and that health coverage is for the whole family. Sometimes, however, your job does not give you coverage, almost always because your job is part time. Part time jobs do not normally provide benefits. For that reason many new jobs that an employer creates are part time jobs, because they save on the benefits. In the last few years many employers have gone overboard on this. There is even the existence of what has been termed "full time part time" jobs. Those are where you are employed as part time but end up working a full work week. There are regulations to prevent this but it does go on all the time. With that in mind, even if your husband will be working a full (40 hour+) work week, verify that his status is full time with benefits.

Be mindful of the fact that most of your health needs are covered and provided by the province, simply because you are resident here. Treatment, hospital stays, drugs provided while in hospital, all are covered and, for want of a better word, free. Employment coverage is for things like drugs (a biggie for you), dental, semi private hospital rooms when in hospital, ambulance costs, alternative treatments like chiropractic, osteopath, massage, etc. The better your employment, the more coverage they might provide.

Hopefully all that makes sense. Your need for information is very understandable.
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