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Moving to Canada

Parcel sent by courier in addition to shipping company goods

All about the practicalities of physically moving to Canada... For first arrivals - temporary accommodation, making new friends, culture shock... Please DO NOT use this forum for questions which belong on other forums, eg immigration, housing, schools, etc.

Parcel sent by courier in addition to shipping company goods

Postby lyndseyhepworth » Mon 16 Feb 2009 08:46 GMT

Cannot seem to find anything quite the same about this.

I have a shipping company in place to ship a small (75cu ft) amount of goods when I move in March. Although I have 30kg luggage allowance, I dont think that will be enough for the bits I want to take, and have with me before the 12wk delivery. I was going to pay for some excess luggage but I will be pretty weighed down already so thought about sending a box (30kg) by a courier as I leave. The quotes so far are much less than excess luggage.

Has anyone done this? Do I just need to complete a list and class it as goods to follow with the rest of my shipment? Has anyone experienced problems with customs by shipping like this? I would assume there will be some form of customs documents stuck to the parcel, like Royal Mail do when sending items?

BTW, the shipping company have said to use the "known" couriers as that will be cheaper than if they do it for me.

Thanks guys
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Postby Mihai » Sun 8 Sep 2013 10:08 GMT

I heard about [company name removed], no problems and cheap costs
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Postby Graeme » Sun 8 Sep 2013 15:29 GMT

No need to post twice and I'm sure you will have realised this is shipping to Canada from the UK, not Malta. Smacks of grave digging to me. :(
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Postby Dave » Mon 9 Sep 2013 04:38 GMT

Me too - and self-promotion. I've banned him. Thanks, Graeme.
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