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Decisions, decisions...

Am I just scared??

Have I made the right choice? Homesickness etc.

Best place to live

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Am I just scared??

Postby dalaney » Sun 31 May 2009 11:38 GMT

Hi all

Really don't know what to decide for the best.
LMO came through this week and we can now book flights after waiting since Oct last year, but now not sure if I still want to go. Am I just scared??

Heres my story:-
Living in cyprus for last 2 years, liked it but found it hard to earn a decent living and decided it was time to leave.
OH was offered a job in Calgary and as neither of us really wanted to go back to UK we thought great Canada here we come.
Lots of hiccups along the way but finally paperwork all arranged, rented out our house in Cyprus (couldnt sell, bloody recession!) put our stuff into storage and came back to UK to wait for LMO.
Been in the UK for 3 weeks and it's been great, met up with all our old friends and have loved every minute of being here.
Now LMO as arrived and it's time to say goodbye again and book our flights and I don't know if I want to leave.

Am I looking at UK through rose coloured specs, will I regret it if we stay?? After all we were desperate to leave here 2 years ago.

My oldest son (17) really doesnt want to go and has talked about staying here with his sister (22) who also has said please dont go, Canada is sooo far away, I'll hardly ever see you. But do i push him, will he have better chances in Canada? My youngest son (13) still wants to go and excitedly talks about his new life.

Please please can anyone offer me some advice, really worried if we stay in the UK that in a few months time I'm going to be kicking myself for not having the guts to go through with it
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Postby sawman » Sun 31 May 2009 17:37 GMT

Have you actually been to Calgary?

do you know whether it will offer you what ever you are looking for?

How much cash are you willing to put into the project (never to be seen again!) - as you know from moving to cyprus, relocating to another country can be costly, there is an economic slowdown at present, the canadian government has just announced that it's worse than they thought, (theres a surprise!)

Lots of folks get doubts before they make a large move, it's normal, but it does give you 2nd chance of possibly avoiding a mistake if it's not really the right solution for you.

Do not decide what to do solely on the advice of folks on the internet that you have never met, and who do not know your situation - you need to find the answer your self, it is of course often helpful to mull things over with folks you dont know and arent likely to meet
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Postby carolinedraper » Tue 2 Jun 2009 13:58 GMT

I would say it depends on what you want out of life. There are many areas in which the UK is better than Canada, however as a whole we felt Canada was better.

The fear for us was raising our children in the UK with all the attitudes that are there etc.

Had we afforded to move near my parents in South Hams (Devon) own a 100 acre farm with a new build house and be mortgage free then the chances are we would have stayed in the UK. (my parents live in an area of outstanding beauty and is in its own little bubble)

But that was never going to happen.

So the best we could offer our children was a town environment with tons of traffic and cramped houses with small back gardens and be mortgaged to the hilt for years to come.

Here in Canada we have our farm and are mortgage free at the age of 33!! This is a dream. No matter what happens now in this world NO ONE can take our house from us. We will never be rich as we have chosen to work from home but the richness we offer our children is a quality of life that we could not give them in the UK.
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