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Decisions, decisions...

i think i have made a huge mistake: homesick and depressed

Have I made the right choice? Homesickness etc.

Postby alexfiona » Sun 31 Jan 2010 04:42 GMT

I must admit when we first moved over I found people really abrupt. They seemed to show a lack of understanding and almost went out of their way to be difficult. We got no support from anybody- from the realtor who asked us what was the top price that we would pay for our house and then offered that amount, to the people at the driving license centre who didn't know what type of test we had to sit...the list could go on. When I went home for the summer and came back with my son, I actually had the wrong work permit in my passport. They almost didn't let me re-enter. I was seven months pregnant, I had a 2 year old with me, my husband was waiting outside with my work permit and still they quizzed me for over an hour. At one point I actually said to them that I wish they would send me back as I couldn't believe that anyone in their right minds would ever move to this godforsaken country!!
And yet after almost seven years I'm still here!! I'm proud to be a mum of a wee Canadian and yet proud of my roots too. EVERY country has faults, Britain is not perfect and I know I could never go back there to live and I honestly believe that if you'd given it time you would have fallen in love with Canada! Half of my problem was, that as soon as someone was even slightly rude to me, my defences would go straight up and a full scale fight would occur! I also refused to change how I said certain words and then get really hacked off when I wasn't understood- ie I always asked about car insurance- not auto insurance!!
Anyway, you're home now and I'm sure you'll be happy. We still watch a lot of British T.V. and read British newspaper and go back once a year but life's too short to live somewhere that you hate!
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Postby deppfan64 » Mon 1 Feb 2010 19:37 GMT

Hi Broughton

I have just found your post and I have to say...that I think you are incredibly brave to come out here on your own and leave your family behind. I could not and would not have done that. You must have thought it was the right decision for you. Sadly, it takes the experience of living the dream that makes us realise that it isn't for us...might be for others, but not for us.

We have lived here since 2006 and I felt desperately homesick, to the point that it too was making me depressed. I'm from Kent and missed everything british.
To cut a long story short, I feel a lot more at peace with myself now...although if I was to go back home, it would probably start it off again!!!

I applaud you really I do and I wish you every success in where ever life leads you

Best wishes

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Postby Bounty123 » Wed 18 Dec 2013 04:39 GMT

I just came across this post, was an interesting read! I am now in Canada 4 months, and have been through all the homesickness too, but Id like to stay here for a year at least and then go back home, as I do miss my family alot. I moved here with my bf and he is very homesick, but is only sticking it out for me. I would love to hear how you got on after all Broughton? Im sure you are happy you moved home!
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Postby zerothehero » Tue 10 Jun 2014 09:05 GMT

Hiya Broughton,

I sincerely feel for you mate because I'm in the same boat after nearly 40 years here.I have not had a great time here and actually started writing a book about how wrong it has gone.If it weren't for bad luck I'd quite literally have none. I am well mannered, sociable for the most part and practically friendless. I always encourage others and rarely mention my homesickness for England.''If I were you I would go back,no it does not necessarily get better after 6 months,just look at me! If I ever save enough money I would go home the next day though my parents and siblings live here.They cannot understand me wanting to return.

I wish you all the best mate chin up :)
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Agree with you all

Postby NickManchester » Fri 4 Jul 2014 03:35 GMT

I don't want to be more critical here and would agree to what other members have to say .Life in this country sucks ..It's been more than 4 years I have been trying to adjust here and still can't call this country my home ..I am surrendering my PR and going back to Manchester for good ..
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