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Moving to Almeria Area - Lots of questions

This forum is for all the jumbled up info about Spain. We've asked that, on the info forums, you please post on the relevant forums, start new threads for new topics, and please keep on topic. Otherwise the info is too hard to find for those coming after, and people end up having to repeatedly answer the same questions. (If your posting is locked in here, please feel free to post again in the appropriate place.)

Moving to Almeria Area - Lots of questions

Postby brooking » Wed 14 Jun 2006 08:46 GMT

Good morning,
We have been looking at the Almeria / Murcia areas for some time now. Can anyone help please with a true picture of life in the area? We would look at an area 15 minute drive inland from the coast. I realsie it is a big area, but any pointers on crime levels, long term rental prices and general cost / standard of living would be really helpful.
We intend to move out in the next two to three months, and are seriously looking at areas now.
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Postby Kay » Wed 14 Jun 2006 09:14 GMT

Hi Brooking and welcome to BE.

I understand you have lots of questions - and I hope you find the answers - but please post each question separately on the appropriate boards. Eg, housing-related questions on the property/housing board, etc. It helps people coming after to find the info they seek more easily, and saves our in-country people having to answer the same things time and again.


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Almeria v Murcia

Postby melosine » Wed 28 Jun 2006 22:32 GMT

Hi Brooking

If these are the areas you are looking at then may I suggest you
fly to Almeria airport and drive and stay in the Mojacar Playa area for a few days.
High above the sea is Mojacar Pueblo which is old and attractive. The Playa has lots of Brits mostly with holiday homes, so can be quiet in winter. Personally this area was not for but there are many nice bays .

The area from Mojacar to Vera up to 15 mins inland to Cuevas de Almanzora is becoming overloaded with developements (many of which still to be legalised so if buying off plan PLEASE be careful).

These high expat areas have higher prices and because it is noted that many of the properties are empty for long periods crime has increased.

Heading north along the very pretty cliff top coastline past Garroucha and San Juan will bring you to Calarreona and Aguilas. Now we are in Murcia which because it has a little more rain is greener and has less plastic and Brits.
Wonderful bays .
15 mins inland is Puerto Lumbreras and many lovely villages and only 5 mins away from Lorca City with its magnficent castle and all the facilities one needs.

Still being a Spanish stronghold the prices here are considerably less for day to day living. But rising. At the moment annual costs in this region are approx £=€. So about 1/3 less than UK.

Crime ,at the moment is very very low and I cannot speak highly enough for the friendliness of the local communities.

Property is better value for money here BUT the minimum land area required for a house is 5000 sq.m . Elsewhere the norm for what you seek is about 400sq.m or less.

Another 30 mins + further north and you have Mazarron the Mar Menor and La Manga. In my humble opinion a British colony. Prices £ for £. Mucho expensive.

However if you want to live out here then really you must see it for yourself.
Using the www. you can locate many estate agents and check out their properties .
Best of luck
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