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Want to move to please!

This forum is for all the jumbled up info about Spain. We've asked that, on the info forums, you please post on the relevant forums, start new threads for new topics, and please keep on topic. Otherwise the info is too hard to find for those coming after, and people end up having to repeatedly answer the same questions. (If your posting is locked in here, please feel free to post again in the appropriate place.)

Want to move to please!

Postby golfed » Sun 18 Mar 2007 12:53 GMT

Want to move to Spain and am looking for a suitable area for myself, my wife and two little girls aged 7 and 6. None of us have any real knowledge of Spanish, however have been there frequently and want to leave the UK for what we believe will be a much better life.
Have all the usual worries, i.e. schooling, which area to choose etc. however really want to make the move in the next few months so the girls can be enrolled into school by the end of the summer.
I have read lots of comments on people recommending that you should enrol your kinds into the local Spanish schools as they integrate better into Spanish scoiety, which we would be happy doing, however we still have the concerns of how the kids will get on without knowing any of the language, except what Dora the Explorer has taught them!!
I have looked at the possibility of renting something in Mojacar and using it as a base. Anyone settled in that area with kids?
We would also like to move somewhere that has a British community as we feel that it will be an easier transition for the whole family if there are people there that have gone through the same move.
Can someone shed some light on the medical side of things. Should we get private health insurance?
Is it easy to import your car?
Can we take our pets in and out of the country?
I have a million more questions, many of which have been answered by spending hours on the internet, however any info on 'real experiences' would be helpful!
Look forward to any advice that anyone could give. the snow at the moment...
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