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This forum is for all the jumbled up info about Spain. We've asked that, on the info forums, you please post on the relevant forums, start new threads for new topics, and please keep on topic. Otherwise the info is too hard to find for those coming after, and people end up having to repeatedly answer the same questions. (If your posting is locked in here, please feel free to post again in the appropriate place.)

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Postby jrobb » Thu 3 Jan 2008 19:24 GMT


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If anyone has any links or advice please pm or email us.
Would be most appreciated.


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Postby Dave » Thu 3 Jan 2008 19:47 GMT

Hello Jos

Your posting was in breach of several of our guidelines - did you read them?

- It was posted on the wrong board. Property-related questions belong on the Housing/Property board. Property-related adverts belong on the Adverts board, and nowhere else.

- It was an advert. We don't allow free advertising, for reasons explained in the guidelines.

If you want to advertise, you're very welcome to buy an advert on the Adverts board - at £15 for 90 days, you're getting a cheap and well targeted advert.

In the meantime, I've moved this to the Jumble Sale and locked it.


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