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"Master" is racist. Huh?

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"Master" is racist. Huh?

Postby Kay » Thu 3 Mar 2016 10:05 GMT

This is a new one for me. Typical academic titles - bachelor, master, doctor - may be a bit out of date now but they're traditional and a landmark achievement for many. Why fix what ain't broke?

Heck, I'm not really a bachelor or a master, but I'm pleased enough to have the titles as a mark of achievement. Now, apparently, it's racist to be a "master". It refers to the slave trade.


When I was at school (and Latin was compulsory) "magister" meant "scholar" or similar. But that's not good enough for Harvard.

History happened. Let's not try to rewrite it or change things just for the sake of it. I bet there are loads of black people with masters degrees who are as astounded by this as I am.

Do you agree? (Or am I starting to sound like a Daily Heil reader?)
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Re: "Master" is racist. Huh?

Postby ruggie » Sat 5 Mar 2016 20:04 GMT

Long before slavery, 'Master' referred to skill level in a trade guild. They were in charge of apprentices, but their main job was to teach them.

Orwell got several things wrong in the details of '1984'. One was that he assumed it would be almost entirely governments that created 'Newspeak', whereas it has really been mostly minority groups with loud voices...
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