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Lottery money grants

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Lottery money grants

Postby Kay » Fri 21 Apr 2006 19:29 GMT

BBC News - Man Utd gets £30,000 lotto cash

Man U have accepted a £30,000 grant to help their staff get fit - yoga and lunchtime walking sessions for their more sedentary staff.

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Maybe it's a knee-jerk reaction but I don't see why lotto money should go to rich companies in this way. If they want to help their admin staff why can't they pay for it themselves? I think it's outrageous that such a company should receive a grant when there are plenty of worthy causes struggling for funding.
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Postby ruggie » Mon 22 May 2006 13:36 GMT

I haven't heard of lottery funding going anywhere useful. Makes me want to find out who really controls it.
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Postby tonyspencer » Wed 7 Jun 2006 10:15 GMT

Well there are various Commissions that oversee the funding for various types eg sporting, culture etc.

And the Blair government has introduced laws to create new options such as NESTA in 1998

which is supposed to invest money in innovation in science, technology, culture and the arts.

They were given £298 million of lottery money as an endowment, and spend the interest every year.

Sounds good, except out of the £17 million a year interest, it costs them £10 million of that to employ 100+ people to administer it, including, until recently, Lord (David) Puttnam as Chairman on a salary of £23,000+ for two days work a week (jobs for the Labour cronies?), and two executives at salaries in excess of £100,000.

And they have currently 12 Trustees, who get £198 a day plus expenses when working, one of whom is a writer and broadcaster who I was at college with, who managed to get an award himself while a Trustee, though the link with details is strangely down, although his photo is on the page, so Sleazetown UK is still in action.

That leaves only £7 million a year to dole out, which they give out to less than 100 projects, most of which seem a waste of time, or are for junkets abroad, in the order of £25,000+ for a year.

One actor has been given £75,000 over 3 years to explore how actors affect creativity in productions...

Another was given £112,000+ over 2 years. He's a "science engagement consultant", attempting to avoid duplication of work and ideas between "stakeholders". They gave him this wedge in March 2005. By May 2005 he'd managed the exacting task of setting up a questionnaire of 6 questions and a comments box, and nothing has been updated since.

There is one success: they gave £25,000 to set up a web site so that authors can meet with real scientists and discusss their work in an attempt to make the science at least accurate in novels.
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