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Expat voting in the EU

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Do you think a Boston Tea Party demo is a good idea?

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Expat voting in the EU

Postby tonyspencer » Wed 7 Jun 2006 10:25 GMT

Whilst voting for expats in their country of residence is difficult outside the EU, as it would require agreements between the nations, inside the EU, where you do have the right to live and work anywhere, it would make sense for longterm residents to be able to vote in national elections, not just local and European ones.

And of course Tony Blair has reduced the time to 15 years after which you lose that right to vote in the UK. If you pay tax, you should have a vote, and it would seem to be to breach the Human Rights legislation that Cherie Blair is so fond of.

The refrain of No Taxation Without Representation has been heard on this one, which prompted me to come up with the idea of a Boston Tea Party demo in Boston, Lincs, where perhaps a symbolic packet of PG Tips could be thrown in the harbour.

I realise this is an EU wide rather than just the UK problem, but it could be a neat way of publicising the problem. The anniversary is 17th December.

Anybody think this is a good idea?

While we're at it, equality of pension payments would seem a good idea too...
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Postby ruggie » Fri 11 Aug 2006 19:11 GMT

Bravo, Tony. (Spencer - not Blair°
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Postby Kay » Sat 12 Aug 2006 05:23 GMT

Sounds like a great idea, Tony.

While you're at it why not get in touch which James Nelson of BAPA? He's got contacts with all the British expat pensioners' groups and campaigners.

Pensions Campaign Info
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