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Brave New World?

Some people like to talk politics, others don't. I've made a separate forum so you can post if you want or ignore it if you don't. Hope this is an acceptable compromise.

Brave New World?

Postby ruggie » Sat 14 Feb 2009 22:02 GMT

I am beginning to get really scared and angry about recent developments in UK, and even in France:

- Prince Harry refers to one of his buddies as 'my Paki friend' and ends up being sent on a course about racism. What the hell are they on about? Do they mean that no-one - even one of my friends - is allowed to call me a Brit, a Limey, or a Pommie Bastard without someone making a scene and everyone limply agreeing with them?

- Nicolas Sarkozy declared publicly that Gordon Brown's VAT reduction gesture was a useless move and would not boost consumption. When someone in the UK made an official complaint, he apologised!!!
You mean that UK politicians have never criticised French, German or EU monetary policies and would never dream of doing so?

Harry is in an unfortunate position and in no position to stick up for himself, but now it looks as if the Army's senior officers are afraid of offending politicians by telling them to eff off.

PS I suppose if I yell to my three friends on the other side of Oxford Street: 'Hey! Taff! Jock! Paddy! Come over here and take a look at this!'
I'll end up by being dragged to the nearest Police Station to be fingerprinted and have a DNA sample taken.
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Postby Graeme » Sun 15 Feb 2009 06:45 GMT

PC gone mad, wouldn't it be more politically correct to allow people to voice their opinions, and perhaps call their friends by names that actually have some meaning to them and their friends.
Bizarre. :roll:

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Postby Mr Kriss » Thu 21 May 2009 09:30 GMT

So in these politically incorrect times, how should we refer to you, Mr R of France? Clearly Ruggie could have all kinds of connotations!

I suppose even my own handle of Mr Kriss may be considered to be overly gender specific.

Unfortunatley there is soem basis that some minorities do get nicknames that they may not be totally enamoured with but peer pressure from the majopity means they go along with it. Brit and Limey are rarely used in any derogatory sense, whereas Chink, Paki, Jingly, Abo, etc. may not be first choice of the recipient. Who draws the line where?
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