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Choosing Where to Live

Language student coming to Sofia or Veliko Turnovo

Mountains, sea or cities, Bulgaria has a lot of variety to offer. . . But where to choose? This forum can help!

Language student coming to Sofia or Veliko Turnovo

Postby Languagestudent » Wed 6 Aug 2008 19:41 GMT


I was hoping to get some advice about coming to Bulgaria for 3-6 months.

- Is it safe for a young (24) female to live in a big Bulgarian city on her own? That may sound like a naive question but i'd appreciate an honest answer.

- Roughly how much should i expect to pay for rent and will i be able to stay somewhere for just 3/6 months as i have tried to do this in other European cities and have struggled??

Thanks guys!
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Postby sorriso » Tue 19 Aug 2008 13:04 GMT

Of course nowhere can be safe for woman at the age of 24:)).
But really i aways think that if you don't provoke any unpleasant reactions to your actions, it's ok.
Frankly, Bulgaria is not one of the safiest countries in the world and if by accident something happens to you, you can't expect any help from bulgarian police or citizens. Usually foriegners are subject to robbery, pickpocketing and other forms of theft.
I highly recommend you if you really want to go there to go in Veliko Tarnovo. Of course Sofia is the capital and you have more to see or visit, but Veliko Tarnovo at my opinion is safer. I've been living in both cities but I found England very safe with all these CCTV and police around:).
About the rent-it depends if you want a single room or apartment, in what area, etc.
I think you may stay in Bulgaria as much as you want as an Eurpean citizen.
I hope i helped.
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