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Choosing Where to Live

house purchace

Mountains, sea or cities, Bulgaria has a lot of variety to offer. . . But where to choose? This forum can help!

house purchace

Postby mickhever » Sun 14 Sep 2008 20:31 GMT

Hi All
We are thinking of moving to bg.and the area we have in mind is Stara Zagora and would like to know if this would be a good place,and what the weather is like.

Mike And Heather
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property purchase

Postby Tee4me » Mon 15 Sep 2008 11:33 GMT

we have recently returned from bg,like you interested in buying,we used first trip to set up company and view different parts of bg!! Its an amazing country that if youve not been before and looking to move there,id really recomend you take time to travel around bg and get a feel for several different areas,dont just settle on just focusing on one area! Know its time consuming traveling around,but local bus service and trains are cheap and regular,and a fun experiance!
Do have several options when you visit bg! ie names of peeps who live in bg,have couple of adresses of hotels in other areas,as if arrive in starra zagora,and find your not so keen!! Youll be pleased you have the added info with you!! We were when arrived in kirkovo found it wasnt what we wanted! we travelled onto veliko for couple of days,again not for us!! so ended our stay in a village in ruse,which we really liked!!
Had we not had the other areas to head to,we would not of known what to do!!
Traveling around you also find a big difference price wise!!!
Its useful having a map of villages,so can look up villages interested in and see how far from nearest town,but again nearest town is sometimes more like a large village!! also some towns though fairly big they have quite small shops,this we found in kirdjili,market new and quite big but only really selling fruit and veg!!yet in Ruse there were really big shops and 3 high streets!! Market selling almost everything,including brand name clothes!! Shoes etc!!!
Good luck
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Postby bulgariasfinest » Sat 4 Oct 2008 20:22 GMT

I dont think you can go wrong in the Borovets region, with the Super Borovets project due to commence a ski region that will only grow and next year Bulgaria's first PGA standard golf course will be opened.
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