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Choosing Where to Live

cost of living

Mountains, sea or cities, Bulgaria has a lot of variety to offer. . . But where to choose? This forum can help!

cost of living

Postby mickhever » Wed 17 Sep 2008 13:07 GMT

hi to all.had enough of the uk and looking to come to bg.can anyone give me a rough guide as to what you can live for cost per month.i would intend to grow my own veg.and maybe sell a little.what can an ex pat do to earn a few bob.i am 57 and would hope to semi retire do you think this would be possible i have a small pension at the moment of 200 a month.i would like any ideas you can throw at me.i will have enough to buy the land and the house and enough to do it up.thank you.mike and heather
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Postby annd » Fri 19 Sep 2008 12:04 GMT

We live in about 800 lv per month. You can earn more if you grow herbs instead of veggies. Plenty of companies are buying it and they are much more expensive than the veggies.
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Cost Of Living

Postby AlecH » Sat 11 Oct 2008 06:49 GMT

Hi Mick,

Don't blame you for wanting out of the UK, We moved here a year ago and it is honestly the best thing we ever did. We have bought a house in a village near to Dryanovo and absolutely love it here. As for the cost of living annd is not too far out, there are 3 of us and we get by easily on 800lv per month and we have a teenage son who can eat for England. As for earning a few bob I am not sure about the veg or herbs as I know nothing about it but don't think about it, just have a go before it is too late, I am 44 and felt that if I didn't do it now I may never do anything, it has honestly been the best thing I have ever done. bg has its faults and problems like everywhere else but overall it is a thousand times better than UK.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do and if you need any help or advice do not hesitate to contact me.
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cost of living

Postby Jax » Thu 1 Aug 2013 16:39 GMT

Hi. Your reply to mick about cost of living. you stated 800lv. What exactly does this include?
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Postby ukinbg » Wed 23 Oct 2013 10:36 GMT

Hi Mike and Heather,

I think you will have no problem living on that amount per month. I am married to a Bulgarian woman and have one small boy and we get by on about 1000 lev a month. It's easy to spend a lot more here though if you eat out regularly or like your smokes and drink. I've heard most partly self sufficient couples are getting by easily on about 600 to 800 lev a month. One big factor I have found that effects that are car ownership (petrol cost, taxes, repairs, insurance) and heating your house in the winter (electrical costs can be very high in the winter).

Last year was a mild winter and I was only heating one room in the house at a time with electrical radiators. During Jan/Feb/March my electrical costs were up at 300 to 400 Lev a month so that is something to be aware of. Also over the year the cost of car ownership and repair (the broken roads here can really take it out on a car) can to about 2000 Lev including petrol. Both those costs can take a serious chunk out of you budget.

Most people use wood burners in the winter which keeps costs down a little (still have to purchase wood) and running an durable economical car will keep car costs down.

Hope this gives you some food for thought.

I'd be happy to help out more if you need it.


Ray (
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