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Residency and Immigration Issues

European Union rules

Even though Bulgaria's now joined the EU, there's still a host of residency questions facing the would-be immigrant. Ask them here!

European Union rules

Postby debaser_74 » Thu 4 Aug 2005 15:56 GMT


Can anyone tell me how emigration to BG will change when they join the EU? I was under the impression that once Bulgaria signs up they would have to adopt the same rules as the existing eu states, ie all eu citizens being able to work and live there but im struggling to find anything about this online. Thanks in advance, Iain.
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Postby skippiebg » Fri 14 Jul 2006 13:14 GMT

They can derogate (the eurospeak for making an exception).

So if the UK doesn't allow Bulgars to come into Britain unhindered to work (as it has declared it would), then Bulgaria will be free to continue barring Britons from residing or working unhindered in Bulgaria (as it has declared in its turn it would). So not much change from the current state of affairs, but do watch developments. The UK gov't is set to change this policy only some years (seven?) after Bulgaria and Romania enter the EU, so it's all in the lap of the gods, general elections intervening...
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