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Residency and Immigration Issues

visa companys

Even though Bulgaria's now joined the EU, there's still a host of residency questions facing the would-be immigrant. Ask them here!

visa companys

Postby Nigel D » Mon 3 Jul 2006 17:35 GMT

Like many people we have not resisted the lure of Bulgaria. Like all the rest we have got bogged down with the visas. We have tried to contact the Bulgarian Embassy in London but they must be very busy! Then we came across some companys that sugest that they can get visas, the question is are they for real?and if they are do they provide a service that is worth paying for. All we want is to live in Bulgaria and be able to pop back to the old country to visit etc.
Any help appreciated as I know many have already made the move,
Nigel D
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Nigel D
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How to get a Visa

Postby sarahjane » Wed 23 Aug 2006 17:00 GMT

Hi Nigel

Its strange why Quest dont put this on their site - its really simple and strighforward in what you have to do and loads of people ask this same question. Anyway here goes:-

Firstly you must get a Type D visa from the Embassy. To do this you will need your notary deeds of your house purchase, a document from the tax office to say that your company (if you have one) does not owe any tax, two photos and your fee of£44 You must do this in person, you make the appointment back to back with your partner but you will go in together. Its very informal and the Embassy and not that helpful. You will have to leave your passports with them and they will want a date when you plan to leave to come to BG.

TOnce you have this type D visa you can apply for your ID card in BG. This ID card is called "Lichna Karta". I recommend that you commence your application as soon as you can when you enter Bulgaria. This is because you cannot leave Bulgaria before you get your ID card, if you do, you will have to get another Type D visa again and start the whole process again.

The next step is to photocopy your passport pages with the visa on it and the page with your photo. You need to photocopy your tax document, notary deeds, Bulstat Card and Tax card. You will also need a copy of your bank statement in Bulgaria which shows that you have 5,000 leva in your account which will support you whilst you here. You can withdraw it after this if you wish.

So to conclude, here's what you need to take to the police station along with a translator to fill in the application form for you and pay the fee:-

1. Photocopy of passport pages with your visa and your photo
2. Photocopy of notary deeds, bank statement, tax document (to prove you dont owe tax)
3. Photocopy of company bulstat card and tax registation card
4. 2 passport size photos
5. Passport

You can apply for a 6 month or 12 month card. The 12 month card cost 500 leva and is renewable yearly without the hassle. Your translator should not cost more than 20 leva, some companies try and charge upwards of 100 leve - don't do it, its a rip off!!

Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions
:lol: !!
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Blooming Visas

Postby Nigel D » Sat 9 Sep 2006 13:41 GMT

Thanks Sarah Jane,
Nice and clear advice, unfortunately we still don't meet the criteia. However we are off to the embassy this monday to try to get a C type visa. so we will see what they say.
Do the changes written about in the Sofia Echo concerning 90 day stays come into effect do you know?
I will let you know how it goes after we have been to London.
Thanks again,
Nigel D
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Nigel D
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