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Residency and Immigration Issues

Resident for Tax purposes

Even though Bulgaria's now joined the EU, there's still a host of residency questions facing the would-be immigrant. Ask them here!

Resident for Tax purposes

Postby Darshan » Tue 10 Apr 2007 09:16 GMT

Does anyone know how many days one can stay in Bulgaria before becoming liable for income tax?
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Postby CR » Sat 15 Sep 2007 11:19 GMT

Im still gathering information on this myself, but the way I understand it at the moment is, you can stay in bulgaria for 3months at a time, if you stay longer than that you should apply for a residency visa, at this point you would of course be liable for tax, but if you stay 3months, then say, drive to greece and stay a day, then your 3 months starts again.

If anyone else as info on this subject I would also be interested.

We at present have a UK limited company (but reside in frANCE) we are interested in tax etc as it looks like we would benefit from changing to a bulgarian limited company.

Hope this helps
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