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Residency and Immigration Issues

Hello to you all

Even though Bulgaria's now joined the EU, there's still a host of residency questions facing the would-be immigrant. Ask them here!

Hello to you all

Postby matty1977 » Tue 1 Mar 2011 01:20 GMT

Hello all, My wife & i and 3 young boy's are looking to buy a property this year in Bulgaria & looking to move out next year, i have a few Questions and woundered if any one could help,its about the amount of time we can stay, i have looked through the forum for the answers and found this

(During the 90 days after you arrive you need to contact your local immigration office (often at the police station) and apply for a residency permit. The permit is issued on the same day and is for five years.)
is this still correct as it was posted a few years ago, so i take it that we drive over to bulgaria and apply as soon as possable for a residence permit and it will last us 5years ? and will one permit cover me and my girlfriend and are 3 children, is this still the case ?

Thank you
Matthew :?
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