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Letting property - what to do with keys etc....

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Letting property - what to do with keys etc....

Postby Sharon5 » Fri 3 Feb 2006 20:19 GMT

Has anyone (and I'm sure there is someone), let a property in Bulgaria, while being based in England?

My concerns are simple things like, keys, cleaning the property etc... Is there an agency for these things or should one recruit a friendly local?
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Care contracts

Postby bgvisit » Thu 2 Mar 2006 14:49 GMT

Hi! Most of Bulgarian Real Estates companies offer "Care contract" of their clients. There are different types (and prices) for this depends of services included like: tax payments, phone, water, electricity payments, each month photo sending, cleaning, etc. I will post answers of similar questions (FAQ section) at my site soon (you can get it from my profile)
But it costs money. It will be cheaper if you have local friends that can do this for you (for example neighbour)
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Postby skippiebg » Fri 14 Jul 2006 15:28 GMT

Yes, a management contract with an estate agent. Care should be taken with whom, for how much, and how much legal force the agreement had (in Bg anything that holds water has to be witnessed by a "notarius" -- a solicitor-like commissioner for oaths; the rest is so much loo paper). You can set limits of who occupies it (exclude groups of long-weekend office mates or students if you don't want your bathrooms and loos trashed and s**k or worse all over the bedding and carpets!). They also do a check list item-by-item to make sure nothing's filched or broken, and if it is, for it to be paid. Usually an expensive option, but it's worth it.

Getting an older local lady or chap to look after the place is much cheaper but you honestly can't expect as much. I know of a case where the old lady and her husband did all their cooking in the flat they were entrusted with, apparently to save on electric bills. They apparently also used the 'phone to call their son in the States and even carted pails of water to and fro, to save on water bills... No redress, in case you were curious.
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Postby ellie789 » Sat 29 Jul 2006 16:09 GMT

Hi Sharon5

Your best bet is a Property Management company. They do charge you for their services but they will look after your property and deal with the rentals as well. It would make it a lot easier for yourself.

The other option wuld be to do it yourself you could gt a friendly local to do it but would you really trust that person with the keys to your house?
You would have to put a bit of thought inot it. The cleaning you could hire a local to clean the house. With the keys you could always set up a system whereby you could set up a safe outside in a hidden place and give the guests the safe number to get the keys to get into the house. you could also change this everytime you go out to bulgaira.

This would save you about 500 euro a year but you would have to get the rentals yourself. I think for peace of mind the property management would be the better option.

Hope this helps

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in sunny beach area

Postby nikkilord1 » Tue 15 Jul 2008 11:49 GMT

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a great site ive found.....

Postby emilymary » Fri 26 Sep 2008 15:46 GMT

i have just let my property out on a website called

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it's a direct letting site so any enquiries go direct to you - but this doesnt do property management. i cant find anyone in my area (karapelit, Dobrich) who will key hold for me as its a remote village. worth advertising on the site though as ive had a few enquiries already! good luck
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Postby Kay » Fri 26 Sep 2008 18:31 GMT

I'm locking this thread. It's just a spam magnet for people wanting to try to score free adverts for their property services. Sorry to the original poster, but enough is enough.
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Postby Dave » Fri 26 Sep 2008 19:52 GMT

Wow, emilymary - you've just let properties in Bulgaria, and France, and Australia as well. Are you a property tycoon or something?

... or just a spammer? I think we all know the answer to that one, don't we?

Get a life of your own - life is too short for us to waste ours on pondlife like you.
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