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Air Cons

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Air Cons

Postby snailww » Fri 14 Aug 2009 10:37 GMT

Last week we phoned Varna office of an international air con company & arranged for a home visit to advise on air con. Last Thursday we received a visit & subsequently placed an order. We were told the price included free fitting. On Monday we went to the office & paid all the monies over & were told they would be fitted on Tuesday at 11.00am.

Tuesday the fitters arrived & started work. We left them to it & went & sat outside out of their way, having left them a bottle of drink on the coffee table & two glasses. After a while I went to see what was happening & one of the units was installed & they were doing the cabling to the exterior unit. I was somewhat dismayed to see they had only boxed in part of the cabling & pipe-work. When I asked them they said it was not Possible to do it all because of the angle. I disagreed & showed them how it could be done...but they were adamant. I then rang the office & asked to speak to the manager but he didn't want to talk to me. After some discussion with the office secretary I asked her to get the manager to phone me back (she was also saying it was impossible). After a while I spoke to the man who first came to view & quote & explained to him. He said he would come the next day & look. The fitters finished & left. There were two big holes right through the external walls where they had installed the units & plaster dust everywhere. The whole house was filthy, however we got the Hoover out & the mop & proceeded to spend the next couple of hours cleaning.
On Wed the man who had come originally came to look. He said that it was a neat job...yes the taping was but the overall effect was not. He understood what we wanted & he & his mate proceeded to do the rectifications. Again we put a bottle of drink & two glasses on the coffee table & went & sat out the back, out of their way, while they did it.
After they finished we came to look & it was a very good job indeed, the holes had been filled, the cable & pipes were covered in plastic trunking so they were protected & I could easily clean the trunking.
They then explained that fitting was only free for what was in the box, the electric cable to reach the plug point was extra...the plastic covering was came to a total of 120 leva, which we felt was an unfair charge. Free fitting is free fitting...not this is extra..that is extra. Had this been explained in the first instance we would have negotiated but when we were given a price we actually this there anything else? That was the time they should have said.
I felt this was an unfair practice & asked that the manager phone me or write me a letter. Nothing has been forthcoming from him & I must admit I am starting to wonder is this person does exist.
Next day I had an appointment in Varna & as I was ready to leave I went to put my wrist watch on only to find it wasn't on the shelf under the coffee table where I keep it. I looked everywhere but since we really do not have many cupboards & drawers I knew it was fruitless. I last wore the watch on Monday when I went to the air con office. On Tuesday morning I altered the date on the watch. The only people that have been in the house, I am sorry to say, were the air con 4 workers.
I rang the office & asked for the elusive manager..but he still wont talk to me. I then explained what had happened & was put on to the man who came originally & who also came yesterday to rectify. I told him my watch was missing, I suppose I should have said has anyone moved it..but I said it was missing & I wanted him to speak to the workers & I just wanted it returned. He was not happy (understandably...but then neither am I) & said he would ring back. He hasn't.
Whoever has taken my watch has probably done this in the past & maybe got away with it. The watch belonged to my father who is dead. I didn't care who or why..I just wanted it returned & I have also learned that next time I have strangers in my home they will not be left unattended at any time.
I have since spoken to the company who have an attitude of tough luck. I have also been to the Police but no joy. If anyone is considering having air con installed & want to know the name of this "reputable" company please pm for full details.
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Postby house of payne » Fri 21 Aug 2009 19:34 GMT

thank you for sharing your experiance and to anyone who reads this be very vigilant where ever you may roam,the uk isnt the only place full of conmen
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