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House in Bulgaria to sell, help

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House in Bulgaria to sell, help

Postby silverlake » Sun 30 Aug 2009 18:06 GMT

Hi Everyone, im totally new to this forum, i signed up because i have a few questions about a property i am selling for my mum.

The property in question is in Krushevets, near Burgas. My mum has lived there for some time, (the house is totally modernised), but now she has to move back to England due to her partners ill health.

The property has just been massivly reduced in price, (50% in fact), to try and get a quick sale because of the circumstances.

Would anyone have any advice in the best way to go about selling it.
I have the responsabilty now and im new to selling properties.
Or indeed if anyone is looking for a house in that area please get in touch.

Any advice you be greatfully recieved

many thanks

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Postby Dave » Sun 30 Aug 2009 18:38 GMT

The best way is to advertise, I would think. You're very welcome to place an ad on either or both of our advertising boards - only £15 for 90 days on the Adverts board, and just £5 for 30 days on the Small Ads. There are of course plenty of other places you could advertise, either in the UK or in Bulgaria.

You're also welcome to ask for general advice on this board, which is free to use. But we don't allow free property adverts, on this board (as we state in the board description) or indeed anywhere else. Your posting above looks rather like an advert - the "if anyone is looking for a house in that area please get in touch" line, in particular. So I'm locking this topic.
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