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No idea of rental prices

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No idea of rental prices

Postby kinweirdo » Wed 7 Oct 2009 15:35 GMT

Hello all

I am looking to relocate for a while to somewhere cheap. I work over the internet so it doesnt really matter where I am. I have always been curious about Bulgaria. I am used to living in shared houses or very simple apertments (were talking the low end of the market here - tight budget).

Can anybody give me some ball park figures for what I might be able to get a room or a very basic flat for? It would also be nice to get an idea of the differences in prices between different towns.

If you only know about 1 town, thats fine. I'd love to hear what you know.

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Rental prices

Postby annie_jones5 » Thu 21 Jan 2010 14:54 GMT

Hi there :wink:

First, congrats on your decision for moving in Bulgaria. I`ve been living here with my husband for some time now, and we totally love it here! :)
Since you have no idea of where you want to go -let me recommend you the area around Varna, or of course Varna itself :D Back in the time, when we decided to move here, we consideted staying somewhere at the seaside..and finally found our dream house in a small village, just 15 km away from Varna :) :compucoffee:
Right now, the prices have dropped a lot here, that`s why a lot of brits and other nationalities have awoken and started buying. So, back to your question, you can find a good one-bedroom apartment in the town of Varna itself, for about 300-350 euro (talking about a furnished apartment with all cons). If you need something bigger - ex 2-bedroom apartment, the prices are around 400-450 Euro. Once again - talking about a nice and fitted apartment!
An advice I want to give you - be careful with agents here! Keep you eyes and ears open. Some more of my history - when we were moving here we did plenty of research on Bulgarian agents. Finally we chose to work with a company, run by a very nice [b]SPAMMY [/b]couple.Let me say we hit the jackpot :D These guys made sure everything went okey with our rental, as well as found us this beautiful house we are now in love with :) The company is SPAM Properties, try finding them on google, thats my advice!
Anyway, hope I helped you.. If you need some more info - pm me, i`m always ready to help with advice :)
Wishing u all the best !
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Postby Kay » Thu 21 Jan 2010 16:27 GMT

Let me say we hit the jackpot...

You sure did. Not only have you been banned for spamming our forum, we've also put an IP block on you. BTW, we've now also banned the person (most likely you under another name) posting from the same IP as you, whereas before we only gave them a mild warning about trying to steal free advertising.

You are a spammer and a thief - pretty similar to a shop-lifter really. Do you always try to score stuff for free when you are perfectly well aware that there's a price tag on it? Who on earth would anyone want to do business with such a person who won't pay the going rate for goods or services? For heaven's sake, it costs only £15 to advertise. But, no, you'd rather lie and cheat to save a few pennies. :roll:

We have run this forum for ten years and we are not easily fooled by idiots who play stupid games, such as to ask a question one day and come back the next with an answer "recommending" their own business. Get real and grow up. That's not how business works. You are doomed to fail if you continue to treat others with such disrespect.

If you need some more info - pm me

How is anyone going to PM you? We don't give PM privileges to cheapskates - only to honest, respected members. Of course you'd know that if you'd done us the courtesy of reading our posting guidelines before you started promoting your spammy property company.

Is business really so bad that you have to lie and cheat and try to get out of paying £15 for a legitimate advert? I pity you. It must be hard to get through life being despised as a liar and a cheat.
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