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Working in Bulgaria

Teaching... [Edited, please don't SHOUT.]

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Teaching... [Edited, please don't SHOUT.]

Postby Witchway » Sun 6 Aug 2006 18:50 GMT

Hi there

Just selling our house in order to move to Varna/surrounding area.
Want a skill to take with me. Does anyone know if TESOL is a qualification sought after in Bulgaria - was going to do this course in October but don't know if it is worth it? Are there many jobs for Ex Pats as English Teachers. Also, husband is a Painter and Decorator, will he be able to find work quite easily?
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Postby Rumi » Mon 5 Feb 2007 20:42 GMT


if you want to teach English I think it is better to go to private companies that organize English course languages, because they will be better paid than state schools (salary of bulgarian teachesr is app. 200 BGN=100 euro and is very low even for Bulgaria).

For example I study English in course where one of the teachers is native and I am sure he is better paid than teachers in state schools.

About decoration, I am not sure. My boyfriend hire decoration specialist, who charge 20 euro per sq. meter for decoration. For example 200 sq. meters office will cost him - 4 000 euros for office design service. But I think that you need word of mouth to have such projects. But my advice is to set up a website and to offer decoration for Brits, it is more likely to get projects from them.

There are bulgarian sites where you can set up account and describe what you offer. It is very comon in Bulgaria to do work without any invoice and if you offer your service at competitive prices may be you will pull some projects. I mention this because serious companies are willing to work with serious comapnies. But if you take projects for individuals may be you don't need to register decoration company :).

Hope this helps :)
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teaching english

Postby eddy234 » Tue 5 Feb 2013 10:11 GMT

Hi, i taught in Sofia and had a CELTA qualification...try Avo-3 in Sofia if you want to get a CELTA qualification its cheaper than in the UK, and may even get a job for you after the one month course...also if varna is your place go to english academy bg in Varna they have work going sometimes..

Good Luck
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Postby eddy234 » Tue 5 Feb 2013 10:19 GMT

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