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Working in Bulgaria

Help! My boyfriend is British and moving to Bulgaria soon

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Help! My boyfriend is British and moving to Bulgaria soon

Postby Linsky » Thu 7 Feb 2013 13:17 GMT

Hi everyone,

I am Bulgarian and planning on moving back there after a few years in the UK. My boyfriend, who's British, will be coming as well.

I'm just panicking that he might not be able to adapt for quite some time, especially in terms of finding a job. He has a degree in Quantity Surveying, something that I don't even think exists as a separate role in Bulgaria.

Can anyone who's been through that give me a hint as to what British people find the most difficult when they first move to Bulgaria and look for a job?

Thank you!
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Postby Dave » Fri 8 Feb 2013 07:27 GMT

Hi, Linsky! Welcome, and thanks for your interesting question.

I've never been to Bulgaria, so can't comment directly. But I would imagine that the language barrier would be well up most people's lists, possibly along with unfamiliar bureaucratic procedures - those are obstacles that seem to be pretty universal, especially for people moving to a country whose language they don't speak and where English isn't widespread.

What did you find most difficult when moving to the UK? It's likely that your boyfriend will find some of those things problematic too.

Hopefully you'll get some answers from people who've been through the process themselves soon. Good luck! :-)
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