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Driving in Bulgaria

beware of n&n rent a car

Getting around Bulgaria by road can be a tricky business! Share your experiences here, and find out how to cope.

beware of n&n rent a car

Postby carmels » Mon 27 Nov 2006 19:10 GMT

we are family from israel, last summer we visit bulgaria
every summer we visit another country including eastern europe
and we always rent a car from a local agency.
we arrived in varna`s airport and we checked every single rent a car agencies and none of them had available car (small sized car)
they told us to check for cars in the center of varna, so we did.
we arrived in splendid hotel we asked in the reception, where can we find a rent a car agency, so they made a phone call for us to a rent a car agency;
n&n RENTACAR after few minutes a young woman arrived in the hotel
after a short coversation we decided to take the car:
opel vectra
our main request was a car with an air conditioner
because of health problems
we were able to rent a cheaper car without an air conditioner
but we prefer to pay much more so we wont suffer
we singed a contract and we got the car`s key
we asked her couple of times what will hapend if we will have a problem with the car since we planned to drive all the way to pamporovo (in the other side of bulgaria)
she told us that if anything goes wrong we will get another car and she also gave us a buisness card with her own cell-phone
our mistake was that we didint check if the air-conditioner was warking
while we were getting out of varna we felt that it wasnt cold enough
but we thought that it will get colder
we forgot our cell-phones in our country
so we began looking for a phone in order to call:
avgustina lazarova the one who gave us the car
but these who visit bulgaria know that its very difficult to find a phone
if you are not close enough to a city and the people we saw didnt spoke english
we continued to drive because we thought that when we will get to a city
we can get a phone call
but we didnt knew it will be so far
the health problems began to show up because the temperature was 36
when we finally arrived in plovdiv we called her and she told us she cant do nothing unless if we get back to varna
because only in the cities varna and sofia we could fix it
and also sho couldnt give us another car, because they have only 1 agency in varna
unlike what she told us
so our trip was a nightmare
after couple of days we called her again and she told us that when we will come back to varna we will get our money back
of couse it wasnt true and when we called the local police
its not only that they didnt helped us it seems that they cooperated with the agency
the impression we got from bulgaria was horrible
and we want to warn everyone !
for more information:
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