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UK electrical items in BG

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UK electrical items in BG

Postby stonerebel » Thu 6 Nov 2008 21:42 GMT

Hi, we've bought a house in Bulgaria and looking to relocate over there in the next few months, but we are getting a little confused with the electrics, we understand that the voltage is different, but we were wondering if we can bring some of our electric items with us. We have the adapter plugs, but we are on the understanding that we would also need a transformer, is this correct? We are looking to bring our fridge and TV and other electrical equipment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks,

Rick and Lou.
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Postby Dave » Fri 7 Nov 2008 02:22 GMT

As far as I'm aware after a quick search on Google, you'll only need different plugs/adapters - the voltage in Bulgaria is OK for UK domestic equipment. The whole of the EU decided to standardise on 230V a few years back (and is still moving towards that - I don't think it's been fully implemented everywhere). But even before that, UK equipment (rated for 240V) was fine in continental Europe (220V) and vice versa.
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Postby AlecH » Sat 10 Jan 2009 17:47 GMT

Dave you are correct about the voltage, any UK electrical equipment will work in Bulgaria provided you either change the plug or use an adaptor.
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