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mafia corruption...........having a heart attack here

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mafia corruption...........having a heart attack here

Postby eire » Sun 8 Jul 2007 02:43 GMT

o dear god and i DO mean dear god.I have been researching moving to bg for over 2 years and this is the 1st time i have come across stories about mafia and corruption and god knows what...i believe it happens but have to ask the ques.why had i to wait till got here to find out why have tv progs like overseas prop tv, real estate tv etc etc etc NOT highlighted this issue???????

it sounds like beruit in the 80s on a good day.i had ruled out going to close to the romanian border due to the gypsies and what they will do, and ruled out to close to the turkish border as heard they are a trigger happy bunch.ruled out the ski resorts as cold ruled out the coast as to expensive and had kinda my heart set somewhere round elhova as thought be within an hour of an airport and the beach now i don;t know where or what to think wouldnt mind but had 6 props picked out and was hoping they might be 1 of them still available come oct

someone please blow my bubble back up :( and make me :) again
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Postby jayorey » Sun 8 Jul 2007 19:38 GMT

Hi, i think your reading too much into the mafia buisness. Of course they are out there but no problem to us. Ive had my house for 2 years and no problem infact one of the restaurants we use is run by the mafia. They wont bother the british we are there bread and butter. No matter what country you go to you will find problems.
Which area are you looking to buy?

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