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bulgarian wine

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bulgarian wine

Postby frenchman » Thu 6 Dec 2007 12:57 GMT

have you tried and what do you think about bulgarian wine?
i had the luke to drink home made red and white wine produced by a neighbour. i think that was delicious and i am french and know good wine.

What do you think about it?
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Postby Mr Kriss » Sat 8 Dec 2007 00:34 GMT

In my opinion...
The quality has improved dramatically over the past few years. There are some unusual cepages here such as Melnik (Chiroka), and Mavrud, and some interesting blends as a result. Try Cluster, which comes in two varieties, Mavrud & Rubin (Syrah & Nebbiolo) or Cabernet Franc & Merlot. Not exactly cheap but I enjoy both.

Another favourite of mine is Damianitza No Mans Land Black Label, but that of course is my personal taste.

I think it is best to try a few across the price range, as I have tasted excellent cheap wines and very poor expensive ones, so price is not necessarily indicative.

I still prefer a good Pauillac though, Mr Frenchman. :wink:
Chris :compucoffee:
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