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caravans in bg

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caravans in bg

Postby house of payne » Sun 17 Feb 2008 09:10 GMT

hello all
can anyone tell me the avalability of buying a caravan in bulgaria.
my plan is to buy one to live in while i refurb my house.
i had planned on dragging one from the uk to bg but it would be a lot better if i could buy one in bg.
any info please!
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house of payne
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Postby Carlosity » Sun 17 Feb 2008 11:42 GMT

Hi house. There seems to be quite a few caravans available in around the Plovdiv area where we live.Dont know what sort of prices though.They look to be in good condition.if you come to BG just lookout on the side of the roads near car and van sales places.Heard of quite a few people living in one when building or working on their of luck
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