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Inspiring Treasure Hunt Adventure Based on a True [Spam]

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Inspiring Treasure Hunt Adventure Based on a True [Spam]

Postby nenene » Fri 2 Sep 2011 21:15 GMT

Hi, I just thought you might be interested in discovering something more about Bulgarian history:)

[Link removed]
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Postby Dave » Sat 3 Sep 2011 04:51 GMT

Some of our members may well be interested. But there are right ways and wrong ways of advertising a product. Signing up to a forum just to dump a link to what you're selling is the wrong way - it just annoys people. Either the Site Admins have to remove them, which is a nuisance; or they get left, in which case the members have to wade through loads of irrelevant dross to get to the information they were trying to find in the first place.

If you want to advertise, then why not do the decent thing and buy an advert?
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