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Ice hockey

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Ice hockey

Postby quine » Sat 23 Jul 2005 17:16 GMT

Come on fellow Canucks, let's hear a big loud hearty cheer. Hockey will be back this winter.
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Postby Graeme » Sat 23 Jul 2005 18:39 GMT

You know Quine, after all the crying and fussing from the players and the owners this past season, I'm not sure I give a rats anymore about hockey or the players. :?
I felt really let down last year with the lock out and strike, but I struggled through. This year I'm just not going to get all hyped up about it again.
I hope it is a successful season and that it all works out, but I'm not the fan I was.
Hope you enjoy it (Go Canucks Go!)
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Postby justajester » Sun 24 Jul 2005 12:28 GMT

I guess I sort of feel like Graeme...the season went by with my main thought being 'hurray!, a Saturday night not watching himself in front of the tv'. I did miss watching the play-offs...I enjoyed that. The new rules are suppose to bring back a lot of disgruntled fans...we'll see.

Go, Leafs, Go!!
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