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First steps

Here's the place to discuss all the red tape, rules, and regulations - the hoops you have to jump through before getting to NZ.

First steps

Postby SarahB » Sat 12 Jul 2008 11:23 GMT

Hi all :)

I am at the very beginning of my journey to emigrating and need some advice of where to start etc.

I currently work in a local hospital as a Healthcare assistant (Auxiliary Nurse) I will hopefully be taking the course to become a qualified Nurse, in order to better my chances at gaining residency. I am unsure of anything else that i will need to help my cause and was hoping someone can give me some advice. I am 32, married (husband not skilled) I have 1 daughter age 9)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you
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Postby kevins » Fri 18 Jul 2008 23:02 GMT

Hi Sarah
Get the qualifications, there are always jobs advertised for nurses - find out if anyone you know/ worked with someone who might have already emigrated - my sister-in-law (midwife) got a job through an old colleague of hers at a hospital in Hamilton and since then 3 of her friends have emigrated too. Getting work in New Zealand is all about who you know - especially for the unskilled - it will be a struggle for your husband to find work easily - unless you have contacts.
Good Luck

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