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Immigration, visas, residency, medicals

work permit, self employment etc

Here's the place to discuss all the red tape, rules, and regulations - the hoops you have to jump through before getting to NZ.

work permit, self employment etc

Postby doctorbeat » Tue 30 Sep 2008 20:23 GMT

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking for help!

Long story, but in a nutshell, I have an ex girlfriend from 10 years ago who I have remained very good friends with. She moved to NZ with her boyfriend, and they have now split up.

I have a long history with this girl and we've been talking a lot lately. We've decided that after a decade we've both finally grown up enough to get back together!

She's asked me to go over there and marry her. I own a business over here, but with the financial climate as it is, I have had to accept the possibility that I may go bankrupt in the near future.

This means that I may soon have nothing left over here, and I'd love a fresh start in a new country with this girl.

She doesn't have residency yet because she spent some time in Australia so she hasn't been in NZ long enough to qualify.
She has her own business (coffee house type thing) and she suggested that she make me a partner in the business, and thus give me the right to work over there until I can qualify for residency.

I was about to pack my suitcase, but I looked on the NZ government site about the rules for immigration, and it seems that it's not as easy as she thought.

From what I gather, I'd need a large amount of money to invest, a business plan, various bank references (not obtainable if I go bust!) and enough money in the bank to support myself for three years!

has anyone got any ideas for a way around this? I hear people sometimes go over on 'holiday' and then get a job and a work permit.

My friend/ girlfriend/ fiancee whatever she is tells me that I can go over there for 6 months with no visa (which is what she did) and then apply for one. She also said that NZ is desperate for immigrants and are really casual with the rules.

I don't mind bending the rules slightly, but I'm an honest person and I don't want to work illegally.
I'm a body piercer and have been for the last 12 years. I'm very good at it, but I can't see body piercing as qualifying for the list of needed occupations....

Oh, and I'm 32 years old if that's relevant.
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