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jobhunting / visa questions

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jobhunting / visa questions

Postby StevieH247 » Tue 30 Dec 2008 07:52 GMT

hi all,

hope someone can help with probably what are a few basic questions about moving to NZ with a view to getting a job there.

1. i (british) and my american girlfriend want to head to NZ to work for a prolonged spell, if not perhaps permanently. is the best method to head over on a tourist visa first and then attempt to find work?

2. in the event of us both getting jobs in NZ, what is then the situation with visa amendment? can the company offering you a job help you convert over from a tourist visa to a working one?

3. what is the situation regards extending a tourist visa while in NZ? is this possible at all? i ask because i think that i as a brit qualify for 6 months while my girlfriend being US gets only 3.

any help gratefully received, thanks.
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Postby Toonster » Wed 7 Jan 2009 13:36 GMT

Best thing to do is to check the Immigration New Zealand Website ... niwork.htm

Essentially, it looks like you'd be able to *look* for work on a tourist visa, but not actually start working until you'd got a permanent one. Most companies won't even look at you, though, unless you have a visa arranged, unless you have work experience and qualifications on the long term skills shortage list.

However, what might suit you better is a working holiday visa: ... ngholiday/

This lasts for 12 months for a US citizen and up to 23 month for a UK one. If you got a job offer through this, and the employer wanted to make it permanent, you might then be able to convert it to a permanent visa. It would depend on the employer as to whether they'd sponsor you to do that, or whether you'd have to sort it out yourself.

Good luck!
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