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Eligible NZ sponsor?

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Eligible NZ sponsor?

Postby Rain123 » Fri 24 Apr 2009 04:52 GMT

Hi! My new partner is a NZ citizen(he became resident 7 yrs ago and then citizen 2 years ago), but we are unsure if he can be a sponsor for me.
He arrived in NZ over 7 years ago with his wife and children. He was the principal applicant. He has been divorced almost a year now, and we wish to plan our life together, and are looking at our options for me to be able to stay here with him. He has not sponsored anyone except for bringing his family with him 7 years ago. We are unsure whether this counts as him being a sponsor or not. Could he be sponsor for me?
Please could anyone clarify his situation? Thank you in advance

Here is the definition off the NZimmi site
F2.10.10 Definition of 'eligible sponsor' for the purposes of Partnership policy
a. Eligible sponsor means a New Zealand citizen or resident (see F2.10.5 above) who:
i meets the character requirement for partners supporting Partnership policy
applications as set out at R5.95 (on page 1-34); and
ii has not previously supported or sponsored more than one other successful principal
applicant under Partnership policy; and
iii has not supported or sponsored any other successful principal applicant under
Partnership policy in the five years immediately preceding the date the current
application is made; and
iv was not, in the seven years prior to the date the application is made, the perpetrator
of an incident of domestic violence which has resulted in the grant of a residence
permit to a person under the policy for victims of domestic violence (see S4.5 (on
page 9-33)).
b. If the sponsor was previously a successful principal applicant under Partnership policy then
the sponsor will be considered to be an eligible sponsor only if:
i at least five years have elapsed since the date he or she was granted residence under
Partnership policy; and
ii he or she has not supported or sponsored any other successful principal applicant
under Partnership policy.
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Postby Toonster » Fri 24 Apr 2009 09:38 GMT

Hmmmm - on the face of it, I'd say that he should be able to - if he was the PA and his ex-wife wasn't, then he seems to meet the requirements for ii and iii, and I presume that he meets i and iv ;-)

Presumably you meet the other requirements for partnership (you have been together in a genuine relationship for at least 12 months, and have the documentation to prove it)

Good luck! :-)
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